The Freedom Fighters of Israel Heritage Association

The Freedom Fighters of Israel Heritage Association was founded by members of the Freedom Fighters of Israel (Lehi) to preserve and memorialize the Lehi fighters, their courage and the stories of their heroism and to intensify public awareness of their war, heritage and efforts to achieve national liberation and political independence in the Land of Israel. The Association’s offices are located in “Bet Yair,” 8 Rechov Stern, in the Florentine neighborhood of Tel Aviv, the building in which Avraham “Yair” Stern was murdered.

The Association holds annual memorial ceremonies in cemeteries and at the Lehi Monument. It publishes books and produces films, plays and exhibits about Lehi, runs tours and conferences and presents speeches. The Association ensures that the fighters and their legacy are remembered by having streets, gardens and squares named for them and erecting memorial plaques around the country. In its offices, the Association maintains an archive, a library, a bookstore and a souvenir shop. The Association’s activities are made by possible by the work of many volunteers and are maintained mainly by donations.

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