NAME: Frank (née Zuckerman), Yona


DATE OF BIRTH: August 6, 1928

DATE OF DEATH: February 4, 1997

Yona was born to Hayim Yaakov and Rivka Ita Zuckerman on August 1928 in the Warsaw Houses in Jerusalem, a seventh-generation native of the Land of Israel on her father’s side and third-generation-native on her mother’s. Her father was one of the first printers in Jerusalem, beginning in the late 19th century. He wrote Otzar Hayim and Birkat Hayim, focusing on the weekly Torah portion.

At age fourteen, she joined Brit Hashmona’im, which was an incubator for Lehi members; she finally joined at age sixteen in 1944. She tied her fate to the movement, staying until it disbanded. Due to joining Lehi, she had to abandon her formal studies, but she eventually trained herself as a secretary and completed her general studies by reading books and listening to music. However, the Lehi activity totally consumed her, and she could dedicate no time to work or study while she was in it. She lived with her parents.

At first, she was busy printing materials for the underground. Later, she went out for Dept. 6 to find escape routes for fighters in times of peril. She also surveilled in preparation for attacks on particularly dangerous CID agents. She supervised the youth cells and was responsible for the dissemination of promotional materials, putting up posters, recruiting members, maintaining communications with supporters, and assisting in operations such as smuggling Eldad and assassinating the High Commissioner and General Barker (commander of the British Army in the Land of Israel) She also assisted in the mining of the entrance of the city and its center. In addition, she was the personal contact for Yaakov “Blond Dov” Granek and most of the supervisors in the Jerusalem branch.

Yona also took ideological courses in Jerusalem. After the Partition Plan gave control of Jerusalem to an international body, she remained in the city with the other Lehi members. She was very upset about not taking part in combat. Instead, she was charged with producing promotional materials. This was a very important mission, as it brought many new members to the Jerusalem branch.

When the Burma Road was opened, she was given the mission of escorting wounded soldiers to Tel Aviv.

While serving in Jerusalem, she met Tzvi “Eliezer” Frank of Lehi, and they married in 1950.

Since then, she spent her time on the care and education of her children, while her husband served in the army in a permanent capacity and was often absent from the home. From time to time, she would work outside the house as a secretary in various factories.

Yona passed away of heart disease on February 4,1997, at age 68. She left her husband and three sons (all IDF officers), as well as eight grandchildren.