Sarah, daughter of Chaya and Avraham Simcha, was born in Jerusalem, November 1923. She studied at the ‘Evelina-de- Rothschild’ school. She was a member of ‘Maccabi- Hatsa’ir’, Maccabi Jerusalem Basketball Team, and member of the Haganah. In 1945 she joined Lehi because it focused on opposing British foreign occupation.

Sarah served in Operations, transported weapons, did surveillance, reconnaissance, and contacted medical staff. She participated in the attacks on the Jerusalem CID office, the ‘Russian Compound’ Prison, and in   rescuing  Geula Cohen from the Government Hospital. In parallel, she was responsible in the Youth Department, dealt with Information and with putting up info-bulletins. She took part in the event during which Alexander Robovitsch was kidnapped and murdered by the British.

When Lehi’s Intelligence Dept. was  established  in Jerusalem, she was the contact person for diverse informers within the British governing bodies in the Police, the CID, and the Administration. She maintained contacts with local and international newspapers, and liaised with embassy personnel from the Eastern block (Poland). After Lehi was disbanded 1948, Sarah joined the IDF and during the War of Independence served in the staff of the Women’s Corps. After the assassination of Count Bernadotte, her activitiy in the IDF was suspended for three months because of her Lehi past. Afterwards, till release, she served with the Medical Corps.  After her release, Sarah worked as a secretary in the Settlement Department of the Jewish Agency’s Beersheba branch, and in the Film Studios at Herzliya. She worked at the Government Press Agency Tel Aviv, and later as  secretary in  Bank Hapoalim’s management.

Sarah was one of the founders and veteran active member of the Israel ‘Humanist Atheist Association’. She participated in many Atheist conventions in Europe and the US and  in the ‘International Women’s Congress’  Moscow. Also, at the Atheist Convention of America and the Peace Convention with the PLO in Romania, November 1986. Sarah married Yitzhak Chasson, former head of Lehi’s Intelligence department.

They have a son and two daughters.