NAME: Zinger Avraham


DATE OF BIRTH: 11 November, 1919

DATE OF DEATH: 2 August, 2011

Avraham Zinger, son of Yitzhak, was born on 11th of November, 1919 and came to Israel in 1934.

He joined the resistance in 1941. Initially he worked in Yokne’am and the surrounding area and then in Haifa and the surrounding area. He would supply weapons, intelligence and informational material, and later as a recruiter and distributor of the “Hazit Ha’am” newspaper. His commanders in Lehi were Yehuda Weiss “Boaz” and Ya’akov Maysles “Uzi”. He worked in the railway workshops and provided information in preparation for the attack on the workshops.

He had 4 children: Rachel, Oded, Eyal and Hava. He received the Lehi badge.