Rahamim was born on 29.9.1929 to Avraham and Rachel. The family lived in Holon. At a young age, Rahamim went to work in order to help support the family, and he began working as a cobbler. At age fifteen, he joined the Hagana in Holon, but Rahamim was not satisfied with its approach; instead, he yearned to banish the British occupier, so in 1945, he joined Lehi, at age sixteen.

As with other youths, he was sent to distributed the newspaper HaMaas, posting it on walls and distributing promotional materials. He attended ideological lectures and went out to patrol and serve as a lookout to observe various British targets. A short time later, he was sent to train with weapons in an isolated house in Petah Tikva. Afterwards, he was assigned to the operations division. He went out on various anti-British missions in Rehovot. He took part in attacks on the British soldiers and police, seizing their firearms, bombing the rails to derail an army train near Rehovot, and more. One time, when he returned home at night, the Hagana members abducted him and beat him bloody.

With the announcement of the Partition Plan, the Arabs attacked the Yishuv throughout the country, and Rahamim was active in the underground operations on the Tel Aviv-Jaffa border.

When the State and the IDF were established, Rahamim enlisted together with his underground comrades at Sheikh Munis. He was assigned to the commando Battalion 89 of the 8th Brigade. He was a machine gunner in Company A, and he took part in all of the battalion’s battles.

After the War of Independence, Rahamim married Sarah Yitzhaki, and they had five children. In the first years after the war, he had difficulty finding a permanent occupation, and so he had to find odd jobs. In the end, with Moshe Dayan’s help (his commander during the War of Independence), he found work in the sanitation department of the Tel Aviv Municipality.

Rahamim passed away on 27 Tammuz 5753, 16.7.1993.