NAME: Shalem (nee Kempler) Zipporah



DATE OF DEATH: 26 December, 2008

Zipporah Shalem, daughter of Hannah and Shimon-Levy Kempler, was born in 1917 and made aliya to Israel in 1935.

In 1945, she joined the Intelligence and Communications Department under the command of Aryeh Sholem “Binyamin”, who later became her husband.

She received the Lehi badge and the State Warriors badge.

She married Lehi member Arieh Shalem “Binyamin”. Together they built an agricultural farm in Kfar Shadma.

Their daughter, Milli Golan, followed in her parents’ footsteps, she graduated from the Faculty of Agriculture, and together with her family and four children, was part of the founders of the Yakir settlement in the West Bank. Their eldest daughter, Hannah was killed in a car accident while attending university.

Zipporah died on December 26th, 2008, and was laid to rest at HarHemenuhot cemetery in Jerusalem.