NAME: Samsonov (Shatzman) Sarah

DATE OF BIRTH: 22 October, 1922

DATE OF DEATH: 20 July, 2018

Sarah Samsonov, daughter of Leah and Moshe Shatzman, one of the founders of Zichron Yaakov, was born in Israel on October 22nd, 1920. In 1946, she joined the Lehi underground in Binyamina and participated in Lehi operations until the declaration of independence. She concealed Lehi members in her home, including members who escaped from Acre prison. Her home served as home base for missions. She received the Lehi badge. She married Lehi member Yoel Samsonov and lived in Binyamina. Sarah died on July 20th, 2018 and was laid to rest in Binyamina cemetery.