NAME: Rubovich David Shalom


DATE OF BIRTH: 7 December, 1916

DATE OF DEATH: 23 September, 2005

David Shalom Rubovich, son of Dvorah and Haim Shlomo was born on December 7th, 1916. He was born to a family of pharmacists. When he was two years old, he lost his father, and his mother moved with her five children to Jerusalem. As a child, he studied at the “Tachcamony” school in Jerusalem. In March 1945, he was recruited to the 6th Division of the Lehi in Jerusalem and worked in intelligence positions. David worked at the British Army headquarters at the King David Hotel.

He assisted Lehi operations by passing on confidential documents, reports and intel regarding the British Army and intelligence. In April 1948, he began serving as an adjutant of the Fighting Brigade in Jerusalem. His commander was Yehoshua Zettler “Meir”. He received the Lehi badge.

David wrote the book “In Service to the British, The Haganah, Lehi, Etzel” published by Ortal in 1953. David died on September 23rd, 2005 and was laid to rest in Segula Cemetery in Petah Tikva.