NAME: Rosenson (née Stern), Sarah


DATE OF DEATH: December 21, 1999

Sarah was born in Bratislava, Czechoslovakia (now Slovakia), to hear parents Meir and Yehudit Stern, and she had two sisters and a brother. The father was in business, and in 1934, the family made aliyah. He worked in the orchards of Nes Ziona. He was killed in 1936 by Arabs while he was on guard duty.

Sarah studied in the elementary school in Nes Ziona, and afterwards she worked in the institute for homeless girls in Bnei Brak.

In 1945, she married Aryeh Rosenson, a Lehi member, and she was a dedicated friend and a full participant in underground activity. Their home on Kishon Street in Tel Aviv was always open to help fighters. Sarah was sensitive and generous, dedicated to her family.

They had three children: Moriah, Hava and David. Due to Aryeh’s business, which was tied to the diamond industry, the family spent a number of years in the United States. Sarah and Aryeh returned to Israel, and Aryeh continued working in the diamond business. He was killed in a car accident. Sarah split her time between her home in Ramat Gan and that of her children in the United States.

Sarah passed away on 21.12.1999, and she was buried alongside her husband in the Holon Cemetery.