NAME: Rechtman (Kramer) Rachel

DATE OF DEATH: 24 February, 1984

Rachel Rechtman is the daughter of Chaya and Alexander Kramer. Her father put in charge of education by the British. Rachel joined the Etzel to help hang posters and to be close to her boyfriend and fiancé, Etzel member Meir Feinstein. Meir was arrested after participating in the attack on the Jerusalem train station and was sentenced to death. A month before his death, Meir told Rachel: “When you have a child, name him after me”, he realized he would not get a chance to fulfill his love and intention to start a family with her.

In order to prevent the British from hanging Jews in Jerusalem, a few hours before they were about to be led to the gallows, Barzani and Feinstein blew themselves up inside the death chamber of the Jerusalem prison. After Meir’s death, Rachel decided to follow in his footsteps and joined the Lehi. During her underground activities, she was arrested by the CID. Rachel died on February 24th, 1984 and was laid to rest in Har Hamenuhot Cemetery in Jerusalem.

Her tombstone reads: “Daughter of Jerusalem, woman of valor, devoted to her family, a beloved and noble soul, a Lehi fighter”.