NAME: Moritz Zvi

DATE OF BIRTH: 8 January, 1921

DATE OF DEATH: 12 March, 2009

Zvi Moritz, son of Aharon and Tova Gitel, was born January 8th, 1921. In 1947 he joined the Supporters division of Lehi in Tel Aviv. He received Lehi badge. He worked as a Foreman at a diamond factory in Netanya, where he met fellow Lehi member Chaya Serulovich. Zvi married Chaya in 1948. They had two sons, Udi and Doron, and grandchildren.

In 1952, the couple moved to Ramat Gan. In June 1956, the couple decided to join Kibbutz Sdeh Boker in the Negev, whose founders included Nechama and Yehushua Cohen. However, they didn’t adapt to the lifestyle and returned to Ramat Gan.

Zvi died on the 12th of March, 2009, and was laid to rest in the Lehi section of the Yarkon Cemetery.