NAME: Kedar (Mizrahi) Eliahu


DATE OF DEATH: 28 July, 2018

Eliahu Kedar son of Shoshana and Rahamim Mizrahi was born in Jerusalem, in the Old City in 1932.

In 1946 he joined the Lehi in Jerusalem as a fighter under the command of Leah Frisant “Ariella” and Rahamim Albalak “Jimmy”. Eliahu was one of the defenders of the Jewish Quarter during the War of independence, responsible for the ambush, and he risked his life to evacuate wounded fighters.

He fought for the liberation of Jerusalem in the Six-Day War.

He received the State Warriors badge.

Eliahu died on July 28th, 2018 and was laid to rest in the cemetery on Har Hazeitim in Jerusalem.