Moshe was born 1925 in Klausenburg  Transylvania to  parents Yehuda and Esther, among the first  Zionist supporters in an anti-Zionist Religious Jewish environment. His father taught Hebrew and History of Eretz-Yisrael at ‘Tarbut’ Hebrew High. He made Aliya 1925, working as a teacher in Magdiel. The mother with both children, Naomi and Moshe, joined him 1926. The family moved to  Safed, where they were saved from being massacred during the 1929 Riots, by their landlord, the Arab mayor in office. His brother Shlomo  was born 1928. The family settled in Tel-Aviv 1931. Moshe studied at ‘Bilu’ and ‘Montefiori’ schools, and at  High School. From age 14 he served in the Hagana’s signals unit. Between 1943-45 he served in the Palmach. His parents’ house became a hideout for wanted Lehi members and served for various activities. Brother Shlomo (Chagai) was an active Lehi member, and  Moshe joined as well. In Lehi he instructed at the Youth Dept. Transferred to Jerusalem 1947, he engaged in intelligence and took part in combat operations against the Arab terror-attacks, in the battles of ‘Romema’, Lifta and Sheikh-Bader, and in destroying  Arab-Gang’s Bases. Following  Bernadotte’s assassination, Moshe was arrested and imprisoned in Jalame Prison. He studied to be a  teacher while jailed. Recruited to the IDF 1950, he  completed Infantry Officers’ course 1951. During the Sinai Campaign he was seriously injured in the battle of Rafi’ach. After recovery he became the Education Officer of his Armoured Corps Brigade. He took part in the Six-Day-War,War of Attrition, Yom-Kippur War and Operation Litani. He completed Reserves ranking Major. He studied History and Hebrew. Moshe was a member of ‘Lamerchav’ newspaper’s editorial team from its founding to its close and worked as a schoolteacher and principal thirty-five years. He was  chairman of Israel’s Principals’ Association and a member of the Teachers’ Union Executive Board. He was awarded ‘Esteemed Citizen of Netanya’ commendation. Moshe married Ruth Ozeri. Their two daughters Talila and Einat are teachers; son Yuval is an Agronomist and  Security Officer. They have seven grandchildren.