NAME: Hershkop David Yitzhak


DATE OF DEATH: 13 January, 1999

David Yitzhak Hershkop, son of Dashka and Shlomo, was born in Israel in 1927.

David Yitzhak was an active member of the Lehi.

In 1944, he was recruited to Lehi by Shimon Bermetz “Levi”. He contributed to the success of the poster hanging operations, he suggested to his commander, Shimon Bermetz that he combine the hanging of Lehi posters with the hanging of religious posters that he put up on Fridays.  Hershkop hung the non-dangerous posters but applied enough glue next to each poster to allow Lehi members who followed him to add a Lehi poster next to each one. Hershkop was responsible for the arsenal during the attempted joint escape of Lehi and Etzel members from the central prison in Jerusalem on January 19, 1946.

In November 1947, he was caught hanging posters with a weapon concealed in his pocket. He was accused of belonging to an illegal underground and of carrying out underground activities against the British. He was sentenced to two years in prison. He served more than a year in the Central Prison in Jerusalem and in Latrun

He married Sarah (nee Arkin).

David Yitzchak died on January 13th, 1999.