Arieh was born on July 9,1928 in Pshemishl Poland, to Rabbi Menachem- Mendel and Shprintze-Mirel, née Rokach. He studied at ‘Mizrahi Hebrew’ Elementary School in Sosnovitsch, attending  Cheder  afternoons. In late 1939 his entire family was exiled to Siberia by the Soviet authorities. After the establishment of  Anders’ army, they were released and settled in Cherdso  Turkmenistan.

Throughout that period Arieh studied with his father and several tutors, all exiles. In 1942 the family made aliya via Teheran. He resumed his studies in Tel Aviv, at Rabbi Amiel’s Yeshiva, and graduated from  ‘Gordon’ High School.  Arieh joined Etzel as soon as he arrived in Eretz Yisrael, and later Lehi. He was an instructor in ‘Brit-Hachashmonaim’. Assigned to Lehi youth cells, he distributed info-material and carried out surveillances. He also underwent combat courses in Sheikh Munis and Pardes-Hana. In 1945, ‘Brit Hachashmonaim’ sent him to kibbutz Beit-Yehoshua in the Sharon.

Working there, he continued his Lehi activities distributing Lehi pamphlets with friends. Arieh had been introduced to Sarah Levkovich at ‘Brit-Hachshmonaim’. Their relationship grew closer when Sarah joined Lehi (nom-de-guerre Dvora), and in 1948 they got married. After  establishment of the State, Arieh headed a school for juvenile delinquents  at Tel-Mond, and served as district Commander. He later joined the IDF, completed his studies in Tel Aviv, and in 1956 became attorney-at-law. He filled diverse posts in the IDF judicial system: judge, presiding judge in military courts, administrative officer and chief registrar in the Supreme Military Court of Appeals. In 1964 he was discharged ranking lieutenant-colonel. He practiced law,  was made Deputy Director of the Law Courts 1968, rising in rank to District Court judge and appointed Supreme Court judge 1984.

In 1990 he retired. Arieh and Sarah  lived in Jerusalem. They have three daughters and twelve grandchildren. Following  retirement, Arieh studied Judaism, at the Hebrew University Martin Buber Institute. Arieh passed away and is buried in Jerusalem.