Binyamin was born on July 1,1909 in Dvinsk Latvia, to Musya and Moshe Gurevich. He made legal aliya with his mother in 1924; they settled in  ‘Nahalal’  where his aunt was living. Binyamin studied at the local school. He  later continued studying Electrical Engineering with the ‘British Institute’ correspondence courses. At Nahalal he was introduced to Abba Achimeir, who was sent there as a teacher. Binyamin was friendly with his teacher, and influenced by him idealogically. He later joined ‘Brit Habiryonim’ . From that time on he dedicated himself to the fight against the British. His idealogy led him to Etzel, then after the split, to Lehi. In 1936 Binyamin married  teacher Hannah Mendelman,  native of Jerusalem. They had two daughters, Semadar and Nurit, and five grandchildren.  In 1944, after the execution of Lord Moyne in Cairo by two Lehi members, Binyamin was arrested and spent several months in Latrun Prison Camp. Upon release he resumed his underground activities. He did not object to any assignment given him. At his home  weapons and information materials were stored, and it served as a refuge for several underground members, including Nathan Yelin-Mor (Gera). His home was also used for transmitting messages and an occasional covert wireless station Lehi broadcast.   Binyamin worked in the ‘Yizhar’ Oil Factory, as a technician, and later, after  receiving his degree in electrical-engineering, as the Plant Engineer. After the establishment of the State and the IDF he wished to enlist, but the factory intervened on grounds that he was required for emergency production purposes. Binyamin passed away on July 3,1991. He was laid to rest at the Kiryat-Shaul cemetery.