Theo was born on September 4,1927 in Warsaw, Poland to Sarah and Meir. In 1930 the family moved from Poland to Belgium settling in Antwerpen. Theo studied at the ‘Tahkemoni’ School where  Hebrew, French, Flemish, English, and German were all taught. He joined Beitar, but later went with the ‘Grossman Group’ to ‘Brit-Hakana’im’ (Alliance of the Zealots). During WWII he agreed to a friend’s request to find shelter for eight people wanted by the authorities. It later turned out they were Communists, and Theo stood trial for helping them, but was found innocent. In 1946 he was recruited to Lehi by Harry Siebenberg, a relative, and  subsequently introduced to Herzl Amikam, Ya’acov Eliav (Yashka), Shmulik Kaplan and Tsfoni, for whom he found various lodgings and hideouts. Theo was the only one in the group of Lehi members who held a job. He worked at the time in millinery and in fashion, and was thus able to provide for the daily needs and activities of the others, from his salary. He underwent a weapons training course at Yashka’s, and engaged in distributing informative background material, recruiting new members, finding hiding places for people and weapons, and finding supply sources for arms. Theo had good relations with the widow of the deceased Brussels Police Chief. This Chief had  supported the Anti-German Belgian underground. Theo lodged Tsfoni at her home in a quiet suburb of Brussels, hiding weapons in her attic. The widow treated them as her children, allowing them to utilize her home as they pleased. They did indeed. After establishment of the State, numerous Israeli State security officials were sent to him over the years, and received greatly valuable assistance from him on a wide assortment of matters. In 1952 Theo married Nicole Blith Thiryard, and they have a son, a daughter, and six grandchildren. Theo developed a small women’s- wear business into a large and successful company. He later refurbished large buildings at the center of Brussels converting them into office blocks for rent and sale. Later still, he built large villas along the city’s periphery. Theo visits Israel several times yearly, and has set up a clothing factory and a local chain of stores. He has donated to different Israeli institutions. He has hosted ministers and other personalities from Israel, helping them arrange meetings with various European statesmen, utilizing his wide personal contacts.