Pinchas, son of Rachel and Zvi, was born  April 13th 1924 in Tel Aviv. His father was a Revisionist Party activist in Haifa. Pinchas studied at the Re’ali School in Haifa and  Herzliya High School Tel Aviv. After Yair’s murder the family assisted in storing underground weapons and hiding wanted escapees. The Lehi broadcasting station was located in their apartment for a while. His younger siblings Matanya and Yaira, also joined the underground. He was a member of the Herzliya  High School Scouts and the National Groups, then from 1938 of Etzel. When Etzel split he joined Lehi and was put in charge of youth recruitment in 1943, the Sharon and Samaria branches 1944, and Haifa and the Northern regions in 1945. He took part in the assassination attempt upon Morton, Yair’s murderer, and in the assassination of Wilkin, the CID officer who specialized in underground movements. He was wounded in the attack on the British military base in Holon. In February 1946 he was arrested and on May 12,1947 exiled to Gilgil Camp, Kenya. After the establishment of the State, he along with four other Lehi members went on hunger strike demanding to be  sent home at once. He returned with the last of the exiles on July 12,1948.

Back in Israel, he was put in charge of the Fighters Party Youth Department, edited the ‘Youth Front’, and was editorial secretary of the Hama’as newspaper. After the assassination of Bernadotte he went underground and organized the campaign for the party’s general assembly. He was a party activist, but when it broke up, joined Mapam and was made youth department secretary in Tel Aviv. When Mapam broke up he joined Dr. Moshe Sneh as a member of the Central Committee of the Socialist Leftist Party, which joined Maki (Communist Party of Israel), and was appointed its representative in the Bnei-Brak and later the Ramat-Gan Workers Council. After Maki split, 1965, he joined the Maki Central Committee and its Political Bureau.  1967-1972 he was Literary Editor of the Maki publication ‘Kol Ha’am’ and from 1977 a teacher of Literature and Philosophy at the Sdeh-Bokker College. He has a BA, MA, and PhD from Tel Aviv University. He was a lecturer in Ben-Gurion University Department of Linguistics and Hebrew