Ida was born Rosh Hashana eve in Chenstochov  Poland. Her father Shlomo was an agent of the Pilsen Beer Company . Her mother Bila raised five daughters. Ida studied at the Hebrew High School. Aged 13 her parents moved to Frashke, on the Polish-Romanian border. They acquired a windmill and an agricultural farm. She continued her studies at the Girls High School in the  Wylon. Aged 16, her mother passed away. Following her father’s second marriage, she left home and moved to  Sesnovitsch, working as an accountant. In 1932 she returned to Chenstochov, where she began understanding, there was no future for Jewish youths  in Poland; she looked for a way to reach Israel. In 1933 through a fictitious marriage to a man with a travel pass (they divorced upon arrival) she managed to emigrate to Israel. After a short stay in a home for  immigrants, she rented an apartment in Tel-Aviv. There she met Yitzhak Gornstein Gazit,  active member of Beitar and Etzel, whom she married. Ida , his faithful helper, walked by his side along  all paths. Eldest son Giora was born 1935. In 1939 Yitshak was arrested, sentenced to 10 years. Ida Had to support her son and herself. Yitshak was released 1942 and resumed Lehi activities. Younger son Amikam was born 1943.  Ida continued involvement in  all her husband’s activities,  hosting Lehi members, taking care of the wounded and of members wanted by the British. In 1945 the family moved to  Zichron-Meir neighbourhood, Bnei-Brak. Due to  British persecution of  Lehi members, an underground bunker was built under their children’s room, for  hiding Lehi men, Dr Eldad following his escape, and as a weapons cache. Yitzhak was arrested  after the assassination of  Count Bernadotte. On release, Ida  and he established a successful metal factory, where she managed  Finances. During the Yom Kippur War her  son Amikam was killed on the Golan- Heights leaving behind a wife and two children. This tragic event brought about closure of the factory and retirement at a  Home. Yitzhak, passed away  1995; she was left with her son, five grandchildren, and six great-grandchildren.