NAME: Eshel Michal nee Gafni


DATE OF BIRTH: November 25, 1929

Michal was born on November 25,1929 in Israel. Her father Avraham, native of Poland, arrived in Israel aged 16, with his father, as a tourist in  1914. He decided to remain. His father arranged quarters for him with a  Jerusalem family, and he studied. He later studied engineering in Beirut. After return, an engineer, he married Jenya Kresnitzky, who emigrated from Kiev 1922, and was a nurse in  Haifa hospital. Avraham hoped to become a farmer and joined a group of immigrants from Holland; Together they acquired a piece of land and established the Moshava Ramatayim. The atmosphere in the house was very nationalistic and the  children received a nationalistic education. Michal has an older sister,Zipora, and a younger brother Giora.  Lehi’s ideology suited the parents’ beliefs, and their children  leaned towards Lehi. Michal was recruited to the Hagannah 1944, with Benni Gilo, and took part in various activities. But the suspicion she aroused grew more intense, since her parents’ house was known to be  supportive of Lehi. Michal sensed she was being followed; this led to conflicts, until finally she  withdrew from the Hagannah. Between 1945-1948 she studied at Herzliya high-school Tel-Aviv. During this period she joined Lehi and was active in youth activities in her  residence area: courses, ideological discussions, pasting-up info bulletins. Afterwards she instructed a cell of younger youth. When the Lehi camp was established in the Sheikh-Monis neighbourhood, whose Arab inhabitants left it, Michal became a youth leader at ‘Yair-Camp’. In 1948 she finished high-school and joined the IDF. After her discharge from the army, she began studying teaching at the Levinsky Seminary Tel-Aviv. In 1952 she married David Eshel, a young Army Officer, and the couple had a son, Tamir, a daughter, Raya, and two grandchildren.

When David  was relocated to the north, Michal worked in M.A.A.Z. and was made secretary of the entire Northern Region. When they returned to the central region, she worked as a secretary of the Mossenzon Educational Institution in Magdiel, until she retired.