Moshe David was born on August 17,1923 in  Michelobze  Czechoslovakia, to his father Chaim and his mother Leah. He studied in the Hebrew school and Hebrew High-School at  Ozhorod. Moshe David made Aliyah with his parents 1935, settling in Jerusalem. He continued  studies at ‘Aluma’ High- School, completing his matriculation. In 1940 he joined  Etzel and underwent officer’s training. While collecting funds for Etzel 1941, he was arrested at the home of the ‘donor’. In 1943 he joined Lehi. His family’s store and workshop were a contact point for the underground. September 1944 he was arrested during operational activity and in October, exiled to Eritrea with the first convoy of 251 Etzel/Lehi prisoners. On March 15,1945 he escaped from prison camp in Sudan with two comrades; they were captured and returned. He again escaped  on June 29,1946 with 54 Etzel/Lehi prisoners, and returned once more. There, he wrote a play which was performed and won him an award. Following establishment of the State, he was returned to Israel in July 1948 and immediately joined Lehi’s fighting forces in Jerusalem. He spoke at a Lehi public meeting with Dr. Eldad, at the “Orion” Cinema, Jerusalem. On September 9,1948 Moshe David joined the IDF. On January 3,1948 he married Rachel Weinberg (Gachash). Moshe David completed two years at Hebrew University Jerusalem, studying Mathematics and Physics. He commenced editing “The Complete Thesaurus of Meanings” (“Aruch Hamishma’im”) – the  Hebrew Thesaurus, which became his life’s work. Between 1956-1957 he instructed drama courses in the towns around Jerusalem, on behalf of  the Information Administration and the Workers’ Union. He served as district co-ordinator of adult education 1960 while residing in the Jerusalem area. In 1967 he advocated Jewish settlement in Northern Jerusalem. In 1977 he was involved in establishing a settlement core-group at ‘Machane-Giv’on’, whose members later established  ‘New Mahane-Giv’on’ and ‘Giv’at-Zeev’. In 1988 he was a member of the local newspaper staff of ‘Me’orav Yerushalmi’. He was a member of the ‘Tsomet’ Party’s central commitee 1993-98, and member of the JNF Executive Board 1993-97. The couple have two daughters and five grandchildren.