NAME: Drori Tsipora nee Gedanski


DATE OF DEATH: May 20, 1993

Tsipora was born on 1920, in Poland, to Eliezer and Leah. She made Aliyah  aged three, with her parents. Her father was a religious man, with well-defined nationalist outlooks. At first he owned a cake-bakery on Herzl St in Tel-Aviv, and afterwards acquired a hotel and Café on Yavneh St, from which the six-member family earned a decent living.

Her father was a Jewish  scholar, expert in Gemara and Talmud; he also published books and booklets. Their Café soon became a gathering place for writers and poets during the 30’s and 40’s. Among the regulars were: Biyalik, Tchernichovski, Fichman, Uri-Zvi Greenberg and Professor Klausner. Tsipora was raised in an atmosphere of national culture.

She studied at ‘Talpiot’ elementary school in Tel-Aviv. In her youth she joined Beitar and when she grew up, was active in Etzel. In 1940 she married Yeshayahu Drori, an Etzel member; after the split both moved to Lehi. During the 1940’s they resided for a while in Haifa, where they owned a café and were connected with the underground. In 1945 Tsipora and Yeshayahu returned to Tel-Aviv and afterwards leased the “Citizen’s House” in Ramat-Gan, where Lehi ideological courses were held, as well as  First Aid courses. Tsipora was involved in giving medical aid to the fighters, in raising funds and in recruiting supporters.

After establishment of the State, Yeshayahu joined the IDF as part of the Lehi Brigade; she too joined unofficially, escorting her husband and the 82nd Battalion in all their journeys. She was often the first to arrive at the area of battle. After Yeshayahu’s heavy injury, she took care of him many years with dedication. They had two children.  Son  Ze’ev, was killed during the Six Day War in the battle  on the Golan Heights. Daughter Amalya, a teacher and educator, is the mother of four – Tsipora’s grandchildren.

Tsipora passed away on May 20,1993.