NAME: Dr Ashkenazi (Nimchik) Menashe



DATE OF DEATH: January 31, 1980

Menashe,  son of Rivka and Avraham, was born in Warsaw Poland 1900,  member of a respected Jewish family. His father was the grandchild of Gaon Rabbi Efrayim Raskin, editor of the first calender.  In the traditional Hebrew household, with three children, Menashe received traditional and Hebrew education. He studied at the Hebrew school in Warsaw. Completing high-school, he  studied Medicine in Warsaw, Vienna, and Berlin, was certified as a doctor and Internal Diseases Specialist, and managed a hospital in Volkovisk. He was active in the Zionist Federation, vice-chairman of the PolishTownships Reps, and  member of “Taus-Osa”, an organisation for he healthcare of Polish Jewry. He married Klara Meguszina 1934. They had a daughter. His wife and daughter, like his entire family, were sent to Auschwitz and murdered  1943. In 1945 he immigrated to Israel from Italy, an Army Officer. He joined Lehi on arrival, and became  head of the movement’s medical service. He gave medical assistance in most of Lehi’s operations. He assisted Lehi members needing hospitalisation, unable to go to  hospitals because they were wanted, or for fear  their identity might be revealed. Under his guidance, women of Lehi gave medical assistance to all sorts of wounded members needing help in homes of supporters. With all Lehi members, he joined the IDF, served as a Medic in the 8th Brigade during 1948-1950. In 1954 he married Pnina  Polkovitz. Pnina already had two daughters and eventually four grandchildren. Menashe was a doctor at  National Healthcare (Kupat Holim Le’umit),  Chairman of NH’s Doctors Association, Chairman of the Co-ordination Committee of the Healthcare Funds of the country,  member of the Supreme Board of the Israel Doctors’ Union , and member of the National Executive Board for Elimination of Tuberculosis . He took part in international congresses in Paris 1958, and Innsbruk1962. He was vice-president of “Bnei-Brith’s” “Theodore Herzl” branch in Tel-Aviv and a member of the Israel Opera Council. Menashe passed away on January 31, 1980.

His wife passed away on September 9,1994.