NAME: Din (Dinstag) Arieh



Arieh, son of Ya’acov and Leah was born in 1925 in Pschemichel  Poland. His father owned a large woodworks factory, employing about 300 workers.

Arieh made Aliyah in 1931 with his family, who settled in Haifa. He studied at Biyalik High School and at “Circles”. Aged 12 he joined Maccabi Tsair youth movement, and was recruited to the  Hagannah aged 14. There he underwent training courses. In 1942 Arieh volunteered for the British Army and served  three years in the Navy, aboard a ship in the Red Sea. He was discharged in  1946. A short while beforehand, he was recruited to Lehi by veteran Yisrael Tvu’ah. Arieh worked in different areas, including distributing info-material and safeguarding distributors.

His nom-de-guerre was Giora. In 1947, before the establishment of the IDF, he joined the core group of the Military Police just being formed at the time and served in its Special Unit. For a short while he served as the bodyguard of the Chief UN Inspector, Count Bernadotte, while the latter was staying  at his “Tson” Hotel Headquarters in Haifa. In the IDF he attended Company Paramedic Courses in Tel-Litvinsky (today Tel-Hashomer) and a weapons course in Sheikh Mounis. He served as the regional weapons provider in Haifa and the North.

Following the War of Independence he worked as a lathe operator in a family owned mechanical workshop. Arieh was a  member later of “Hatchiya” movement, both council member and secretariat member. When it disintegrated he joined “Moledet”. Until his retirement 1990, he served as Maintenance Manager in several factories.

He is married to Sarah nee Blau, native of Krakow Poland. They have three children and three grandchildren. His hobby is painting stained glass windows.