Avraham, son of Elchanan and Leah, was born on 1932. He studied in both ‘Tel Aviv’  and ‘Yeshuv-Hachadash’ yeshivas.

Aged 12 he joined ‘Brit- Hachashmonaim’  remaining a member until it’s disbandment during the establishment of the State. This movement shaped his outlook, and remained so till he died. Avraham joined Lehi on 15 Shevat 5708. Activity in the Youth Division included pasting info-bulletins on walls and surveillance.

After his transfer to Recruitment  he underwent an ideology course. His success was especially noted by students of ‘Beit-Ya’acov’ school. On one occasion he was caught pasting up ‘Hama’as’ flyers near Tel Aviv’s ‘Great Synagogue’. He was pushed inside the British armored car with his glue bucket. They poured the glue over him and severely punched his face. On the way to Jaffa the car stopped at Salame St., and Avraham was thrown out. Avraham participated in the ambushed weapons training course at Ra’anana, and was badly wounded in the shoulder then arrested. He was sentenced with three friends to life imprisonment, plus three more years for belonging to a terrorist organization. He announced in court, “We, the Fighters for the Freedom of Israel, will not accept any judgment issued by our people’s enemies.

We shall consent to be judged only by a court of independent Hebrew people. We will not participate in this wretched show, where cruel murderers dressed in foreign uniforms play the law enforcement role.” He was sent to prison in the Russian-Compound and later Atlit Prison Camp. Because Avraham was denied medical treatment at Atlit for his injury, it was decided to smuggle him out in a potato-sack. One of the accompanying policemen happened to sit on the sack, felt it moving, guessed someone was inside and got a second policeman to sit on it too. Avraham nearly suffocated to death, and was returned to prison.

He was released 18 Eyar 5708. Avraham was active on the ‘Sulam’ editorial staff, responsible for the administrative aspect during its fourteen years of publication. He married Ahuva, and they had two sons, Lior (who died) and Nitzan. Avraham passed away on May 25,2001.