NAME: Ben-David Chaya nee Nussenbaum


DATE OF BIRTH: June 10, 1927

DATE OF DEATH: May 27, 2020

Haya was born  June 10,1927 in Czernovitch Bukovina to Dora, and Karl Nussenbaum, a doctor, a well-off  traditionalist family; her nanny taught her Hebrew. Chaya (Klaudi) has a younger brother, Tsvi . Their father was killed in an plane accident July 1938. She studied at a private elementary school four years then in Romanian High-School for three. In  summer 1941, with the city occupied by Romanians and Germans, the family stayed  in the Ghetto, and was about to be sent to Transnistriya. Chaya joined the Komsomol, as a cover for being in Beitar. She was arrested at a forbidden Beitar meeting. Her mother remarried jurist Dr. Shetner, leading Romanian Revisionist who ensured her family immigrated to Israel April 1944. After Atlit, she arrived with her brother at a Youth Aliyah Institution in Magdiel, She joined a  group  ready to establish a collective settlement 1946, and left for training at Nahalal. After “Black Saturday”, she joined Lehi and was active in Haifa: distributing info-material, surveillance of British officers (Department Six), and detonating mines. Her regular workplaces were Lehi contact points. February 1947 she was arrested and transferred to Bethlehem Women’s Prison. In November 1947 the connection between the detainees and the country’s population was cut; after the female inmates revolted, they were transferred to Atlit 28.12. 1947. Chaya was released  May 1,1948. She was exempted from military duty, to take part in political party work for the Warriors’ party. She met Yehuda, just returned from African exile. After the assassination of Bernadotte, Chaya moved to Tel-Aviv, for intensive work within the Warriors’ Party for election for the First Knesset.  March 1949 she married Yehuda. They had three children: Avishai, Dassi and Lior. Yehuda’s sudden death June 1971 changed Haya’s life. She dedicated herself to her family and earning a living for them. She started studying at Bar-Ilan University completing her degree in Land of Israel studies and General History. She completed her second degree in Israel Studies. Eldest son Avishai is active in the Committee for the Commemoration of Lehi. Chaya has seven grandchildren.