Miriam was born on May 5,1923 in Jore  Hungary, to Eliezer and Esther. Her family was assimilated, but  Miriam joined the Zionist movement. After finishing high-school, Nazi Germany conquered Hungary and  Jews of Jore were deported to Auschwitz June 16,1944. After three years, Miriam was transferred with a women’s group to Lipschtadt  Germany, where they worked in a forced labour munitions factory  supplying the German army. Miriam’s mother was there too. Her father perished in the concentration camp. During  release on  April 1,1945, they were in Germany in a displaced-persons’ camp in Kaunitz. There she met Nathan, her future husband, a soldier who was discharged from the Jewish brigade and remained in Europe to co-ordinate for refugees, instructing and preparing them for Israel. June 1947 she infiltrated the French border and arrived in Paris, where she was recruited to Lehi by Matityahu Rosenberger Eilat (Walter), Nathan Yelin-Mor’s friend. Miriam was integrated into a group with Yehudit (Matityahu’s wife), Betty Knott, Kariel Gardosh and others, and given the pseudonym Julia. She worked as a contact woman, and  distributed info-material at gatherings of Jews. Betty and Yehudit were arrested in connection with sending letter bombs, therefore Miriam had to hide for a while in Paris. December 1947, with Nathan’s connections it was arranged for her to travel to Israel, with ‘Aliyah C’ (using her own passport, visiting the country as a tourist and staying). She joined the settlement nucleus for Moshav  Mishmar-Hayarden, established by former Jewish brigade soldiers, all Beitar veterans and members of  Etzel. Miriam was the sole Lehi representative. There she married Nathan Ben-Chayim. During the War of Independence the Moshav was conquered by the Syrian Army. Many of its members fell in battle and others went into Syrian captivity. It was only by miracle that Miriam and her husband were able to  escape a few hours prior to its fall. When the other nucleus members returned from captivity after the war, they joined  Moshav Nordia in the Sharon area. Miriam and Natan had two sons: Dan in 1950 and Oded 1960. They have five grandchildren.