Eliahu was born January 1920 in Tel-Aviv to Shlomo and Esther, who emigrated from Yemen. His father worked in the city’s construction and  built the family house in the “Yemenite Quarter”. When Eliahu was four his father passed away; his mother raised their three children. He studied at the “Yemenite Talmud-Torah”. Aged  13 he joined Beitar  Tel-Aviv. He worked as a deliveryman, later  packing oranges. At the outbreak of the 1936 riots  he was in the Hagannah  guarding the Yemenite Quarter’s borders with  Arab neighbourhoods. He joined the Jewish Railways Guards 1937 serving in Kalqilya and along the Lod-Haifa line. In October 1938, after Caucaji attacked Tiberias, he joined the Jewish Guards and  Etzel. Wanted by the British authorities, he changed residence frequently. After the outbreak of WWII he was arrested and released after a short while. After the fall of France, June 1940, he joined the RAF, served  5 months, then was discharged due to his underground links. In 1942 he joined the British Commercial Navy under a different name, to smuggle weapons into the country. Afterwards he joined Lehi, fighting in its ranks until the State was established. He participated in blowing up Na’aman Bridge near Haifa, in the attack on the British Military Camp  Holon and confiscating its weapons, and more. In an operation against British paratroopers he was  injured in his hand and underneath his heart. In June 1946 he married Rachel and they had a son and a daughter, Arnon and Atara. Eliahu lost his wife in a car accident 1967. He enlisted  1948 with Lehi members to the IDF, 8th Brigade . Later he served in the Navy. Discharged  29.5.1949, he served in the Navy Reserve Force until  age 45 and as  Civil Defence officer until 50.  From 1947, he worked 30  years for Tel-Aviv’s Municipality as  Construction Supervisor . He was interested in History/ Current Affairs, dedicating most free time to reading and submarine fishing. Eliayhu was a dedicated father and exemplary grandfather to five grandkids. He passed away May 12, 1991, Jerusalem Day, and was buried in Kiryat-Shaul.