Mordechai (Micki), son of Avraham and Gila, was born October 1920 in Budapest Hungary, to observant parents. His father was a wealthy merchant clothing and confectionary merchant. In childhood he joined Beitar and  made Aliyah 1937 with a group of Beitar members, to whom he remained devoted the rest of his life. They immediately joined the workforce in Rosh-Pina, where  he’d visit  Shlomo Ben-Yoseph’s grave (first Lehi prisoner who was hung by the British) on annual memorials. Micki was among the Yom-Kippur Shofar blowers near the Western Wall, an act the British strictly forbade. At the outbreak of WWII, he joined the British Army and in the Atlit Prison Camp, first met Holocaust survivors whom the British detained. In Haifa, while participating in a public Rally against the foreign occupiers he was injured in the head by a British policeman and lost consciousness. At a  party he was introduced to Sarah Ashkenazi, whom he later married. With her consent he defected from the army and they settled in Pardes-Hanna, a small inconspicuous  community. He  worked in a building-blocks factory and their home, a small shed, was built near his workplace at the community’s edge. Here they had their first son Amos. After conversing with a Lehi emissary, Micki and Sarah joined the underground. During the days of horror, when Lehi members were persecuted by both British and Hebrew authorities, Miki joined all activities: he and Sarah distributed leaflets in community mailboxes, threw pamphlets from cinema balconies, and their house became a hideout for weapons and war materials – a base for departing for operational activities in the area. The remote house also became a study place for new fighters studying arts of war. Later, after Dr Eldad’s escape from captivity, he found refuge in Micki and Sarah’s house. Following Lehi’s attack on a weapons-train and military bases,  wounded fighters received first-aid in their house.

After the British left the country, Micki and Sarah moved to Haifa where son Gil’ad was born. Micki passed away  May 25, 1987. He was buried in the Zichron-Ya’acov Cemetery.