Ziona was born to her parents Esther and Chaim Shamur on January 1, 1933, in Machaneh-Yehuda  Petach-Tikva. Her father Chaim, made Aliyah from Yemen with his family, as a young boy in 1922. Mother Esther was born in Machaneh-Yehuda as well. Ziona was the eldest of nine brothers and sisters. She studied at the ‘Workers’ Children School’. Through the years her father worked in the orchards of Azur, to earn a living, later as janitor at the Courthouse. Her mother was a housewife  raising her nine children. Ziona finished studying aged 14 and left to work to assist with her family’s income. In 1946, as a young girl, she met Morris (her future husband) who recruited her to Lehi 1947. Ziona looked after children and stayed at their families’ houses. At the same time she was active in Lehi, without her parents’ knowledge. She served as the cook in Lehi field-training courses at Zikhron-Ya’acov,  working with much dedication. Later she was transferred to ‘Tel-Hashomer’ base, where she underwent a weapons training course. After Declaration of the State, the base got dismantled with  older members joining the IDF. Under-aged,  she did not join. She married Morris, boyfriend of her youth 1951, and they raised a family in Israel. Ziona worked hard during her life: taking care of children in her youth, and after marriage, caregiving  work in a mental institution at Ramatayim. After this she looked after elderly people at ‘Beit-Rivka’. For 17 years she worked in  Hasharon Hospital’s surgical ward and at the  premature-infants ward, from where she retired.

Ziona and Morris have three sons, whom she lovingly raised, and five grandchildren. Their home throughout the years has been in Petach-Tikva.