Shimon was born April 29, 1921 in Poland, to Yehoshua and Hanna. His family was observant and Zionist; the spirit of the Land of Israel and love of it  dominated.  His grandfather, Rabbi Catriel Fischel Tchorsh, one of  Hamizrachi’s leaders, preached towards making Aliyah. The family made Aliyah 1924  living first in Moshav Kfar-Hittin, Galilee. His parents moved to Jaffa 1929,  then Bnei-Brak. He studied at Tachkemoni School, Tel-Aviv. The 1929 Riots left a mark on him, un-erased the rest of his life. His upbringing at his grandfather’s house led him to Beitar and Etzel. Ironically, he was arrested for possession of Communist leaflets, which he’d confiscated from Communist youths. After Yair’s assassination  he joined Lehi, married his cousin Dvora Tchorsh, and established a home in Haifa. Their small Hachalutz St. apartment  became a refuge for fighters and a base for operation. Later, during a CID raid, prompted by an informer, five active fighters got arrested there, including Shimon. Released after a while, he went underground. Dvora with her baby moved to her parents. Shimon was arrested by the CID during a visit at the house, and taken to Latrun. From there he was exiled to Eritrea Sudan, and the other Prison Camps. He was released thanks to Rabbi Tchoresh’s help but was re-arrested, imprisoned in Latrun. Shimon  was later captured by the Hagannah and held at a Kibbutz. During the Independence War he joined the Armoured Corps Brigade of Yitzhak Sadeh,  82nd Battalion, and participated in all the battalion’s battles. He fought in the Sinai Campaign and the Six Day War. After discharge, he established a small tire repair workshop  from which he earned his living, until illness defeated him. Shimon was dedicated to love of Israel and its people. His Biblical expertise was amazing. In his later days he ardently supported the Jewish settlements.

Shimon passed away on July 30, 1990. He was laid to rest in the Fighters Section, Haifa cemetery. He left behind wife Dvora, their two children David and Rina, six grandchildren plus a great-granddaughter. His eldest son Yitzhak died of a long illness.