NAME: Azulai Hanna nee Tsemach


DATE OF BIRTH: July 14, 1933

Hanna was born on July 14, 1933 in Jerusalem, in a traditional household. Her father Sasson was a merchant and her mother Vicky, a housewife. Her father made Aliya legally in the 1920’s with his brother. He became a textile wholesaler, and the family lived in the Makor-Baruch neighbourhood. After  her father’s death 1946, the family moved to Tel-Aviv. In 1950 her mother began working for the telephone company to support Hanna and her younger sister. She studied at ‘Alliance’ Elementary School in Tel-Aviv, joined  ‘Brit-Hachashmona’im’, and in 1947, joined Lehi. Her main activity was preparing the paste and  pasting-up info-bulletins. She underwent a weapons training course in Ramat-Yair (Sheikh- Munis). She has helped produce the movie about the underground fighters edited by Yakhin.

After establishment of the State, while in high school, she volunteered for ‘Gadna-Hashachar’, instructing students from Shapira neighbourhood in pre-military activity. She completed ‘Talpiyot’ Teachers Seminary Tel-Aviv, and worked as a kindergarten teacher  and as a teacher. She was sent on behalf of the Jewish Agency to teach Hebrew and Judaic studies in London, and studied Education and History at ‘Bar-Ilan’ University, receiving her B.A.. She continued her M.A. at Hebrew University Jerusalem. While studying she worked as a teaching instructor in the ‘Eliezer Schein Teachers’ Seminary’ of Petah-Tikva and at the ‘Beit-Berl College’; she then worked at  ‘Talpiot College’ Tel-Aviv until retiring. She was later elected national President of  the Rottery Club organisation’s  “Inner Wheel”, women’s group in Israel. During studies at Beit-Berl 1993, she was contacted by German teachers from Weissbaden, resulting in a conference which was held regarding educating German and Israeli children about the Holocaust. Afterwards  a Seminar was held in Weissbaden with Israeli teachers including Hanna.  She travelled together with a group of German teachers to Poland: to Auschwitz, Birkenau, Worozlev and Cracow, where they met Polish teachers and students, who’d never encountered a Jew, and had no awareness of the Holocaust. Hanna is married to Yehuda Azulai. They have two children and six grandchildren.