NAME: Avissar (Mizrachi) David


DATE OF BIRTH: August 17, 1922

DATE OF DEATH: August 27, 2018

David, son of Efraim and Malka, was born on August 17, 1922 in Jerusalem, a Mizrachi-Agbeva descendant from his father’s side, and of the Russo family from his mother’s. Both families were fourth generation in Israel. His father’s origin was Iraqi, his mother’s Yugoslavian. The family was Religious-Zionist, merchants, residing in the Old City of Jerusalem. They had ten children of whom David was the second. During childhood he was educated at ‘Alliance School’. After the murderous riots of 1929, his parents moved to live outside  the walls. At the age of 12 he joined Beitar and in 1936  joined “Hagannah B” (Etzel), serving as a contact with the ‘Wailing- Wall’ division. In 1937 the family moved to Tel-Aviv and acquired the ‘Palga’ Hotel   opposite the  beachfront ‘Opera Building’, first seat of Israel’s Knesset. When the split occurred he shifted to Lehi. He underwent a command course, and was appointed instructor of a Cell of young fighters, mostly religious, former “Bnei- Akiva” members. After the assassination of Yair, he joined  “Tuvia’s Men”, who chose to suspend their underground activities, in order to widen and enrich them, and shield the organization from further infiltration of hostile elements. With the escape of Yitzhak Shamir from prison camp, ranks once again re-formed. David was left with no real activity. His hotel and house served at times as refuge for fugitive underground members , and he transmitted information regarding the movements of British soldiers residing at the hotel. When the British exited Israel, he joined the Air Force. In 1951 he married Rita Liebeskind, a Holocaust survivor, and they have two daughters: Tzofia and Orna, and three grandchildren. Due to the financial situation in Israel, he emigrated to Brazil, where he could make a good living and acquire property. Since then he divides his time between Israel and abroad. Their eldest daughter is married to a psychiatrist, and the two are researching schizophrenia. Their second daughter lives in the United States.