Yosef was born in Sofia Bulgaria January 13, 1921 to Yisrael (Biko), and  Rachel (Rachelle). His twin brothers Morris and Albert, were older.

As a youth he was a Beitar Cell member and belonged to the Soldier-Alliance in Sofia. He completed high school and began studying Law at the University of Sofia but didn’t graduate because the fire of reaching  Israel was burning within him. End of  WWII, 1945, he boarded the ship “Fun-York” for Haifa.

Early 1946 he joined Lehi in Haifa. In June 1946 he took part in Lehi’s attack on the Railroad Workshops. While retreating he and others were captured, tried and sentenced to hanging ; this was later commuted to a life sentence.  He was sent at Akko Prison, then  Jerusalem Central Prison.  There, on February 20, 1948,  he escaped through a tunnel which Lehi members dug from Cell 23. Yozhi was among the last  to escape, caught by an Arab guard, but released by a British officer who mistook them for sewage workers.  Yozhi and Nissim Reuveni (Nichko) indeed disguised themselves as earthworks labourers. Yozhi joined the IDF with all Lehi members on May 30, 1948, following the famous Sheikh-Monis parade. He was a Sergeant-Major in the command Company of  82nd Battalion, 8th Brigade. After discharge, with his friend Nissim (Shuni), and former Lehi member Tsidkiyahu, they managed a small printing house, bookbindery and  publishing house in Jaffa. Yozhi was among the first to dedicate themselves to preparing the material for  publishing the Lehi Writings, in two big volumes the first of which was published 1959. In 1987 he retired.  He often attended courtroom trials and the municipal Library, updating himself on news and current events. A regular visitor of local pubs, he was very informed regarding  what was going on and had many pub attending friends, like Shaul-Evron, Adam-Baruch, and Nathan Zehavi, who wrote about him and eulogised him. He was a dedicated friend, a loyal freedom fighter and one always willing to lend an ear to men and women in need. Yozhi died solitary, 1994, aged  72.