Chaya was born in May 22, 1931 in Kobersdorf Austria, to  Dvora and Avigdor. They had four daughters and a son. Her father taught at  a Heder.

In 1938 the Jews of Kobersdorf were expelled to Vienna, and the family lived there as in a Ghetto. Her father was arrested and  held  nine months in  Dachau concentration-camp. With aid from the Jewish community, he was released. After being granted certificates, the family made Aliyah 1939. They lived in Petach-Tikva, and later moved to Tel-Aviv. The father worked in the diamond industry. The family was religious-nationalist, educating the children for love of the legacy of Israel, people and nation. The father was an ardent Lehi sympathiser; secret underground meetings occasionally took part at their house. Her brother Ya’acov Goldman, a Lehi member, was arrested and exiled to Africa. Her cousin Yoske Blaustein, member Neve-Yair, was murdered by Fedayeen. In Israel Chaya lived at Beit-Ya’acov and was active in the “Batya” youth group. After completing elementary school, she worked in a factory, childcare, and studied at evening school. She joined Lehi 1946 aged 15, despite her parents’  objection, due to her being a girl. She was recruited to  Lehi youth  then transferred to Department Six – Intelligence. She pasted up info-bulletins, circulated info-material, did surveillance, weapons training and  ideology seminars, which deepened her love of the Land and underlined mutual assistance and the spirit of sacrifice. Following Independence, aged 17, she joined the IDF in the Sheikh-Monis Parade. She underwent a truck-drivers’ course and served in the 82nd Battalion, afterwards in commando  Battalion 89, accompanying the Battalion southwards to Nizana; after a year and a half she was discharged. She met her husband, Baruch Alperovitz, in the IDF; they married on December 25, 1951. He was a military man, and later worked for ‘Rasco’. They lived in Jaffa  two years, then moved to Maoz-Aviv,  where Chaya still lives. She owned a cotton store and instructed  knitting. She retired in 1988. Husband Baruch passed away from an illness in 1988. They have three children and eight grandchildren.