NAME: Adato Aharon


DATE OF BIRTH: 15 April, 1929

DATE OF DEATH: 3 July, 1992

Aharon Adato, son of Susan and Mordechai, was born in Turkey on April 15th, 1929. When he was only 13 years old, he made Alyia without his parents, but with his two friends Avraham Ayalon “Eliezer” and David Gershon “Yoram” as part of the youth Aliyah.

He and his friends were moved to Agudat Israel’s boarding school in northern Israel. After a few weeks at boarding school, Aharon left with his friends, and they moved to live and work in Tel Aviv. Aharon’s parents left Turkey after him in 1948. He joined the Lehi Underground in 1944 in the Youth Division in Kfar Saba under Pinchas Ginossar,”Amnon”. In 1945 he joined the Operations Division and his commander was Ya’akov Grenek “Dov”.

On April 9, 1946, Aharon was arrested, together with his friends who came with him from Turkey, by the British authorities for possession of propaganda newspapers and was held in detention in Latrun and Atlit campms for about two years in two different time periods. After the IDF was established, he enlisted with most Lehi members to the 8th Brigade and served in the 89th Battalion. He received the Lehi badge and the State Warriors badge. In 1952 Aharon married Margalit Bashari, and they had two twin children, Moti and Giora, and then a daughter named Anat.

Throughout his life, he worked in Agriculture-related jobs, at the Jewish Agency’s Tractor Station Factory, and Agrexco. He lived his whole life in Ness Ziona. Aharon died on July 3rd, 1992 and was buried in the cemetery in Ness Ziona.