NAME: Landwer Arieh



DATE FALLEN: June 17, 1946

Arieh was an only child, born in 1921 in the city of Kolomyia (now Ukraine). His family was Zionist and well-off. His father taught Hebrew. Arieh began studying simultaneously in cheder and in Polish school. After he finished elementary school, he continued his studies at the commercial school, and he became a certified public accountant.

His parents and most of his family were killed in the Holocaust. Arieh managed to flee, wandering eastward and joining the Polish Army, which he deserted once his unit reached the Land of Israel. Arieh, along with his friends Hayim Ravina and Yaakov Sar, found agricultural work in Kfar Azar. As Arieh had been a Beitar member in Poland, he looked for a way to join Lehi and found his way to contact a Notrim commander from Tel Litwinsky, Tzvi Finkelstein, who would later be known as Temple Mount Danny, who recruited him for the underground. Arieh then tied his life to the underground. His family — the famous and well-off Café Landwer family — utterly cut him off, as soon as they suspected he was connected to Lehi. Arieh, known as Uzi, continued as an agricultural worker in Tel Litwinsky. However, at the same time, there was an intense search for Natan Yellin-Mor, so Arieh had to hide in Tel Aviv. According to his comrades, he served in the operations division with absolute dedication and total self-sacrifice.

When he reached Tel Aviv, he encountered a young woman from Kfar Vitkin and moved to the settlement with her. They did not officially marry, but they were common-law spouses. As Arieh was in a strategic location between Haifa and Tel Aviv, he was active in both cities, as needed.

Arieh volunteered for the Lehi operation to blow up the Haifa Railway Workshops, during which he was killed on June 17, 1946. He was buried, along with his comrades, in the Haifa Cemetery.