Sarah was born on January 3,1930 to Fanya and Israel Reznitski in Eretz-Yisrael. Their fourth child, she had two brothers and a sister. Her father was a contractor and owned a small bank. The family lived in prosperity. Her brother Yitzhak, an Etzel member, moved to Lehi after the split; sister Drora  joined Lehi too and brother Herzl joined the British military as truck driver, smuggling military equipment needed for the underground as advised by Lehi’s Operations Head. Arrested in Cairo 1945, taken to Jerusalem Central Prison, beaten and tortured, he did not squeal. The British sent him to Latrun, then to exile in Kenya with his brother Yitzhak, who’d been arrested and tortured 1942.

Twelve-year-old Sarah would walk through Arab Jaffa to bring him and the other prisoners, food baskets from home. In 1946 Sarah joined the underground, and engaged in putting up info-bulletins, distributing info-material. Her parents objected to her underground activities in view of the dangers hovering over their daughters. They tried all, to make her leave Lehi. She’d already faced difficulties at Herzliya High-School, suspected of belonging to Lehi and tormented by a teacher who was preparing youth to join Haganah.

Thanks to her  persuasive arguments Sarah was quite successful  recruiting new members and supporters. She studied at Levinsky Teachers’ Seminary, then enlisted in the IDF 1952 and served as a skills examiner. Discharged 1954, she became an educator in a Givatayim school, regarded as an excellent teacher, loved by pupils and parents alike.

In 1957 she married Meir Horschtok, engineer and building contractor. They had four children: Dana, Itai, Shai and Ya’ir.  Sarah contracted a severe illness 1979. She began studying in the university for her BA despite difficult treatments.  Dedicatedly pursuing her goals, she successfully achieved her final exams; her husband received her degree posthumously.

Sarah passed away February 23,1984.