NAME: Enden Elisheva


DATE OF BIRTH: March 15, 1913

DATE OF DEATH: May 28, 2003

Elisheva was born on March 15,1913 in Pschemischel  Poland to  Yitzhak and Malka. Her father, serving in the Austrian Army, was taken prisoner WWI. Her family wasn’t religious or Zionist, but  they hired a private tutor to teach her Hebrew and prayer when she was six. In high-school Elisheva was recruited to the Revisionist organisation “Metzadah”. Continuing to Beitar, she became a Cultural Instructor. Her aspiration was to immigrate to Israel and she finally managed to arrive in 1933. She served in Beitar Rosh-Pina, and worked in orchards, participating in the “Hebrew Workforce”. When service ended she moved to Jerusalem. With the outbreak of the Riots,1936, Elisheva joined   National Defence- Etzel. She moved to Haifa, living in poverty three years.  She passed a Lieutenant’s course and  commanded a Cell of girls.  During the Etzel split she joined  Lehi.  She moved to Tel-Aviv 1941. In Lehi she continued with instruction and communication. In 1944 she returned to Haifa, this time, for underground purposes. She maintained contact with the Dutch Consul, Van Khelder, who promised to provide Lehi information he’d obtained from British Mandate personnel. On November 20,1944 Elisheva went to meet him. To her surprise, she saw him walking with another man. She waited, hoping they’d separate  so the consul would be free to see her. At the same time she noticed a car parked outside; a man was leaning on it who reminded her of CID Officer Martin. Two detectives sprang out of the car, grabbed her and pushed her inside. She was taken to  Kishla jail Haifa, held for interrogation  five days. From there she was transferred to  Bethlehem Women’s prison, and did  three and a half years. Before expulsion of the British, she was transferred with a group to Atlit Prison for the last months of arrest. From Atlit she arrived straight to Sheikh-Monis, for the Lehi gathering prior to joining the IDF. She was 35, in ill health, and wasn’t recruited. She became a clerk. At 51 she began studying accountancy, and was very successful at her job.  She passed away on May 28,2003.