Rachel was born on  August 22,1926 in Tiberias to her mother Hadassah, and father Avraham, Hassidic Jews leaders of the Old Yeshuv,  descended from a Hassidic family who’d made Aliyah 1777. The family lived in peace with their Arab neighbours until breakout of the murderous 1936 riots; they had to flee to Kiryat-Shmuel . Her brother was murdered by the Arabs leaving behind his widow with three orphaned daughters. Aged 13 she was appointed to teach at ‘Beit-Ya’acov’ Religious School but due to severe enforced restrictions She rebelled, moved to  teach at a religious agricultural school. From there she reached  ‘Hano’ar Ha’oved’  at Kibbutz Yagur. When Clandestine Immigration ships arrived, she experienced the British siege upon Kibbutz Shfa’im, and saw how helpless  the passive resistance was. Arrested with hundreds of others, she escaped and unsuccessfully sought contact with Lehi. Only in late 1947 was she introduced by poet Yonatan Ratosh to Eliyahu Amikam, editor of ‘Mivrak’ the Lehi paper. She became a journalist and staff member, travelled to the battlefronts  to interview fighters  through the Burma Road and journeyed to Jerusalem’s Lehi fighters’ camps. Following Bernadotte’s  assassination and the ensuing arrest of Lehi members, she escaped to Haifa there she maintained the links between  prisoners’ families and  attorneys, and  printed obituaries of fallen Lehi fighters. She moved to Jerusalem and under a false identity, on January 1st,1949  married Moshe David Eichenbaum,  fellow Lehi member returned from African exile. They both instructed at Youth Aliya institutions. Rachel worked for ‘Lamerchav’ and ‘Ha’boker” newspapers and edited at ‘Be’ohalay Gadna’. In 1968 they moved to ‘Beit-Hashiv’ah’ which had been under Jordanian jurisdiction till the Six Day War.  Rachel engaged in immigrant absorption. She journeyed with the Israeli mission 1983 to the Moscow Book Fair, was an executive board member in Public Council for Soviet Jewry 1980-1986, and headed the Ministry of Education’s Unit for New Settlements. She published the books: “ House on Messiah St.”, “Material House”, and “Birds Fly to the Wall”. She edited numerous books: “ Power of the Scream” ( Georgian Jews’ struggle with the Iron Curtain), “Never Written About” ( Lehi’s women members) and more. The Eichenbaums have two daughters and five grandchildren.