NAME: Cohen Yitzhak


DATE OF BIRTH: January 1, 1928

Yitzhak was born in Cairo to Rachel (born in Turkey) and Matityahu (born in Syria). He was one of eight children. Matityahu was a textiles merchant and Rachel was a homemaker. The family was wealthy and traditional. Yitzhak studied in the local elementary school and for two years in high school.

In 1945, Yitzhak made aliyah to the Land of Israel in the framework of Aliyah Bet and lived in Degania, while his family stayed in Egypt. His father died there, but his mother made aliyah herself in 1951.

In Degania, he finished his high school studies and was a member of Young Maccabi.

In 1946, he moved to Tel Aviv, joining Lehi in 1947, at first putting up posters. Afterwards, he served in Department 6. Later, he was transferred to the Arab division, where his job was to listen to radio stations in Arab countries and to translate into Hebrew and English.

From time to time, he would investigate what was going on in the British Army bases, in Tel Litwisnky and Sarafand, as well as observing the Arabs of Kfar Saba and Abu Kabir.

With the establishment of the State in 1948, he enlisted in the IDF at Sheikh Munis, serving in the 8th Brigade with the rank of sergeant, on a half-track. In 1949, he was discharged due to being injured at Der Tarif in the battle for Beit Naballah, Lod and Ramleh.

In April 1949, he married Miriam Levine; they had three children and now have numerous grandchildren.

After his IDF service, he worked for El-Al in the acquisitions department. He was then a flight attendant, rising to the title of flight director, working there for 35 years.

Yitzhak volunteered for El-Al’s welfare services, taking care of pensioners and retirees; he was also active in the El-Al veterans’ association.