Avraham was born on March 20,1930 in the Old City of Jerusalem to Yaacov and Simcha. He studied at Mizrachi Torah School Jerusalem. He completed his studies many years afterwards at  Levinsky Seminary Tel-Aviv. He was a member of the Scouts, then Bnei-Akiva and the ‘Brit-Hachashmona’im’ movement in Jerusalem. He joined Lehi after his Bar Mitzvah, 1943; brother Uri and sister Mish’ala also joined . At first he was pasting up info-bulletins, distributing pamphlets, doing surveillance. He recruited  Moshe Barazani. He specialised in creating  warehouses and in weapons maintenance, but took part in attacks upon British positions throughout Jerusalem and laying mines. He was injured thrice: first in his hand while training, 1946; afterwards, he was shot at from Sheikh Bader. The bullet hit his lung and was  removed only after being transported to Tel-Aviv’s  “Gil’ad” Hospital. After recovery, he was transferred to Binyamina, and active in Samaria detonating  railway tracks. He was then transferred to Ra’anana, active in the Sharon region. Avraham did various courses and participated in retribution operations, after the killing of the Ra’anana children. When War of Independence broke out he returned to Jerusalem and participated in most of the combat and  liberation on the Arab front: Romema, Sheikh Bader, Lifta, Deir-Yassin, and others. In an operation against Malcha village, he stepped on a landmine losing his left leg – his third and most severe injury. He was later recognised as a handicapped IDF veteran. After the war he completed his high-school education and studied accountancy. As part of his work in  National Workers’ Healthcare Organization, he  reached key positions: Head of Budgeting, Chief Accountant, Manager of Social Benefit Schemes, Vice-President, and  member of the Executive Committee of the National Workers Union. In 1990, at 60, he retired, as vice-president of the Healthcare Organisation. During his last position he was in charge of establishing clinics in Judea, Samaria, and the Gaza Strip and  established a network of modern dental-clinics throughout Israel. He’s married to Dina Svivlovsky. They have a son and daughter, Yoram and Irit, and five grandchildren. He currently lives in Ramat-Gan.