Shlomo was born May 10,1916 in Sofia Bulgaria to  Janette and  Nissim. He attended Public high school and was an active Beitar member; he became head of Sofia Beitar. In 1935 he immigrated legally to Israel and joined Beitar Divisions at Zikhron-Ya’acov, then Mazkeret-Batiya. He was a National Hagannah member 1936, completed a Lieutenants’ course and was appointed Branch head. During the 1936-39 riots he participated in retribution Operations against the Arab gangs. He joined Etzel 1937 and was placed in charge of the Ekron region. March 1939 he was sent to the Etzel Commanders Course, at Andrichov, Polish Carpathian mountains, and stayed to instruct a Course in Pinsk. Upon  return he commanded two courses at Shuni and Galilee region. September 1939, he became commander of Upper Galilee. During the split in 1940, Shlomo  joined  Lehi. He was arrested on the street 1941, suspected of being a  “Stern Gang” member. After a brief stay in  Jaffa Prison, he was sent to Mizra Prison Camp, then Akko, for more than three years. Exiled to Africa October 19,1944, in the first convoy of 251 prisoners from Etzel/Lehi, he did time at Sambal Eritrea, Carthago  Sudan, Eritrea again, then Gilgil  Kenya. During  this period he was the Lehi exiles’ representative . Shlomo participated in the escape of 51 prisoners from the Eritrean camp June 29,1946, who were captured and returned. On March 29,1948 he escaped from Gilgil with five others, arrived in France, and  was placed in charge of Lehi Europe. In 1949 he returned to Israel. After a short while he was arrested and placed in custody (following the Bernadotte assassination), then released when general amnesty was granted. He joined the IDF, served in the Air Force and later participated in the Sinai Campaign. Shlomo married fellow Lehi member, Yehudit nee Farkash. They had two children, Yair and Revital, and four grandchildren. Yehudit passed away in 1983. Shlomo was active in the Warriors Party until it disintegrated. He worked as construction contractor ,  and in building the Sodom road. Afterwards he dealt with book distribution and publishing.  Shlomo passed away on the  March 22,2010.