Baruch was born on November 11,1919 in Kalish Poland, to Tzviya and Yoseph Dov, a wealthy Haredi Jew and industrialist. Baruch studied at the Tachkemoni School in Kalish. As a  youth he joined Beitar and was effected by Ze’ev Jabotinsky’s article calling on children to buy horns for blowing to display their disdain of British laws, denying Jews immigration rights to Israel; the article encouraged Jews to come to Israel as soon as possible. His parents understood the worsening situation and sensed the imminent danger; they contacted a Jewish couple and asked them to register Baruch with his brothers and sisters on their ‘Certificate’, and take them along to Israel. Baruch arrived in Israel 1935, and joined  Beitar in Ramat-Tyomkin. He  moved to Tel-Zur, then Yesod-Hama’alah and Rosh-Pina. In 1937, he moved to Tel-Aviv with his parents, who’d immigrated to Israel. He joined Etzel. When the split occurred, Baruch became a Lehi member, active in the Intelligence Department.  Lehi members were being persecuted. Baruch too became ‘Wanted’, and had to hide. Around the time of Yair’s murder, 1942, he was captured, interrogated and tortured. His interrogators threatened to kill him staging a pseudo-execution if he didn’t reveal Lehi secrets.

After a prolonged stay in solitary confinement , he was transferred to  Akko Prison, Mizra Prison Camp, then Latrun. Baruch was among twenty escapees who managed to dig their way out in 1943, through a long tunnel terminating  outside the fence. He was involved in publication of Lehi’s clandestine paper ‘Hachazit’, inTel-Aviv, and responsible for underground supporters in the Sharon region. In 1947 he married Carmela Yardeni from Ra’anana, a Lehi member whose parents’ home became his refuge after he escaped from Latrun. Following the Declaration of Independence, Baruch joined the IDF, serving in the 8th Brigade and in the Navy. After the War of Independence, he became a successful businessman importing cars and industrial cables. He resided with his family in Kfar-Shmaryahu, and later moved to Kochav-Yair.

Baruch passed away on October 1,1997. He left behind wife Carmela and  children, Oded-Yoseph and Noa, plus six grandchildren.