NAME: Ben-Amitai (Shimborski) Dov

LEHI ALIAS: Yerachmiel

DATE OF BIRTH: April 12, 1923

DATE OF DEATH: October 22, 2014

Dov was born on April 12,1923 in Elenstein  Germany to Pnina and Chaim Yona, after six  brothers and sisters. His father owned a boot factory. After Hitler’s rise, his parents decided to immigrate. His mother and elder brother came 1933, purchased a plot in Tel-Aviv, and built their home and a shoe factory on it; entire family arrived afterwards. From his Zionistic mother, he learned the land must be freed from foreign occupiers. He joined Maccabi Tsa’ir and 1937, studying at “Safra” high-school, he joined Etzel youth. In 1940, during the division, contact was ruptured; Dov was enlisted to Haganah’s Reconnaissance Patrol. However the leadership’s inaction and the Haganah’s – while the gates of the Land  were being sealed – brought him to Lehi 1945. He was involved in acquisition operations and money and weapons expropriation. After the Arab Riots began, he took part in many Lehi operations on Tel-Aviv-Jaffa’s edge. Returning from one such operation  they encountered a British armoured vehicle; Dov opened fire at it and managed to return safely with his men. He was appointed instructor of field-training/sports at Lehi Camp Sheik-Monis. When the IDF was established, he enlisted, and was sent to officers’ course, from which he returned as 3rd Company Deputy Commander in the 82nd Battalion, 8th Brigade. The Company took part in the conquest of Lod, Ramla and Lod Airport. During the Iraq-Manshia battle the Company commander was injured and Dov took control. During the conquest of Beer-Sheba he was seriously injured. After recovery he participated in the battle of Uja-el-Hafir. He received the surrender of Egyptian forces from their Brigadier. When battles ended he was appointed Commander of the 82nd Battalion’s Company command. He was released May 1950, having served as  Deputy Battalion Commander. During his Reserves period he was promoted to Major. He participated in the Sinai Campaign, Six-Day War and Yom-Kippur War. In the 1940s and after establishment of the State he worked at his family’s ‘Yona Shoes’ factory. He married Tsipora Zisin. They have three children, seven grandchildren. Dov is an active Board member of the 8th Brigade’s Association.