NAME: Beit-Zuri (Steinhaus) Eliahu


DATE OF BIRTH: February 10, 1922

DATE FALLEN: March 22, 1945

Eliahu was born in Tel-Aviv February 10, 1922 to Moshe and Esther, with sisters Aviva, Leah and Dvora, and  brother Ori. He studied at Tachkemoni School Tel-Aviv, then Balfour High-School. With the outbreak of the 1936 Riots, he joined the ‘National Cells’ and was recruited to Etzel 1937,  participating in operations countering Arab rioters. Due to many absences, he got expelled from  school  and took his exams externally; he was accepted to the Hebrew University Jerusalem 1940. During  Etzel’s split, after Shamir’s escape he joined Lehi. In 1944 Eliahu participated in planning the assassination of  High Commissioner MacMichael. He was then selected to execute a special assignment in Egypt: assassinate Lord Moyne, Colonies Minister- Middle East, who strongly undermined the Zionist undertaking. Eliahu arrived in Cairo, and met with his operation partner Eliahu Chakim (Beni). After agreeing on the operation’s specifics, they awaited  Lord Moyne; on November 6, 1944 they assassinated him. They were caught during their escape, because they tried to avoid shooting an Egyptian policeman pursuing them. At their trial, they used the courtroom as a platform for Lehi. In his speech Eliahu presented the British regime in all its deceitfulness and wickedness, comparing it to Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. The trial created strong international repercussions. In Egypt, demonstrations took place supporting  the accused. Heavy British pressure was applied on  Egypt’s authorities. The two were sentenced to death . From  prison  he wrote his family: “As a soldier I was sent to the front and  captured. One must know not only how to fight, but also how to fall”. This too: “I ask of you again… accept the situation quietly, with courage and dignity… I hope you’ll understand I acted out of loyalty to the Path I perceive to be Just and True”. Despite protests and the efforts of various personalities worldwide, the two were hanged on March 22, 1945. Eliahu walked to the gallows singing Hatikva. On June 26, 1975, their bones were finally brought to Israel, and laid to rest in a military ceremony upon  Mt. Herzl, Jerusalem.

הנצחה באנדרטה ביער לח”י במשמר איילון
שמו של אליהו בית-צורי חרוט על לוח באנדרטה ביער לח”י
לבנת זיכרון על שם אליהו בית-צורי בהיכל הזיכרון הממלכתי בהר הרצל
הנצחה בפתח תקווה – יד ל-3 חברי לח”י עולי הגרדום
הנצחה באנדרטת עולי הגרדום בכיכר גרונר ברמת גן