NAME: Ziv (Markovitch) Shimon Siomka



DATE OF DEATH: February 26, 1992

Siomka, son of Chaim and Tzvia was born on Simchat Torah 1919 in Vilnius, to a middle-class family. He joined the ranks of Beitar. In 1938 he made Aliyah alone, leaving behind a mother, brother and sister. His father had passed away in his childhood. He came with the clandestine Aliyah aboard Beitar’s ship “Af-Al-Pi-Chen”. His entire family perished in the Holocaust.

After his arrival in the Land of Israel he joined the Beitar Companies  at Zichron-Ya’acov and joined Etzel. In 1939 he followed Yair and joined Lehi and was one of its activists. Following the assassination of Yair, Siomka planned an assassination attempt upon Officer Morton, who’d been responsible for Yair’s murder. The operation failed, Siomka was captured. After a while he was sent to Mizra, then Latrun; he was among the architects and executioners of the successful Latrun escape operation of November 1,1943. With nineteen other Lehi members he escaped via a tunnel they’d dug out, during ten months. They arrived in Tel-Aviv, met with Michael (Yitzhak Shamir) and returned to active duty.

For a while he headed Lehi’s Northern section from Haifa. Captured again in Tel-Aviv 1944, he was exiled to Africa and spent four years in Kenya, Eritrea and Sudan. June 1948  he returned with the other exiles. He joined the army, serving in various positions with the Golani Brigade, Navy, and the Attorney’s Office of Northern Command. He was discharged  ranking Major in 1962. In 1952 he married Shoshana  Kess. They had two daughters, Dafna and Ofra, and a son, Yair.

During his service he studied Law then worked afterwards as an attorney almost until the day he died. He resided in Haifa with his family until 1981. That year he moved to Shaked, northern Samaria, a move characterising his personality; he regarded settling beyond the Green Line  as a national goal of  utmost importance. In Shaked he became a leading figure, and a driving force, working in many fields for the settlement.

Siomka passed away on February 16,1992, following a long illness, and was buried in Shaked.