NAME: Zimmerman Yeshayahu

LEHI ALIAS: Menashe, Artzi


DATE OF DEATH: 29 March, 1987

Yeshayahu Zimmerman, son of Moshe and Itta, was born in Warsaw, Poland, in 1915. In 1935 he joined the Etzel. After the split in 1940 he served as a contact of Avraham Stern “Yair”. In 1942, he was arrested on suspicion of belonging to the resistance and was held in detention in Mizra and Latrun until 1944. He received the Lehi badge. In 1947, Yeshayahu married the daughter of Ya’akov Becker, born in Warsaw. Yeshayahu died on March 29th, 1987 and was laid to rest in the Lehi section of the Holon cemetery.