Ze’ev was born on February 3,1932 in Warsaw Poland. Parents Shlomo and Bela made Aliyah when Ze’ev was one.

He studied at Mizrahi School , then at “The Haredi Histadrut”, and at   “Light of Talmud” Yeshiva. He was considered as being destined for greatness. Aged thirteen and a half he joined Lehi; due to underground activities he  discontinued  his studies at sixteen. His inner belief was that the Jews needed their homeland,  in which his grandfather and uncle would find their home. His parents understood and helped him however they could. They prepared glue for his info-bulletins. Their vegetable store became a bulletin distribution point. Once, while chased by a Jewish and a British policeman, he was caught holding glue; the Jewish policeman told  Zeev, “Throw the glue at him!”, which Zeev did, managing to escape.

He participated in surveillance. Beginning 1948 Lehi undertook replacing street names and signs in Tel Aviv; King George St. became King David, Allenby St. became Freedom St. He participated in a weapons training course, and was part of the ‘Ramat-Yair’ youth camp. In 1949 he joined Kibbutz Neve-Yair,  founded by Lehi members. In 1950 he joined the IDF as a small armoured-vehicle driver. During the Sinai Campaign he drove a water truck; during its repair, the force moved on. Left four days by himself, he finally arrived sick and hungry at a settlement.

As a civilian he was working as a truck-driver.  Zeev married Geula Korach 1966. Daughter Tamar was born a year later. She has two children. Ze’ev was intelligent, gifted,  and pleasant. His nom- de- guerre was Akiva. He followed Rabbi Akiva’s words: “Love your friend as thyself. A great rule in Torah”.  Zeev passed away on March 21,1968 aged 36, and was buried in Holon. In his honour, a friend  wrote: “You, who  could always laugh, always thought of your friends; you who offered your soul whilst your country was in bondage. You fulfilled every task so magnificently in the underground; now  your noble heart has suddenly  stopped beating”.