Yehoshua was born  1917 in Kfar-Sava to Ben-Zion and Hanna. He studied in  elementary school and afterwards High-School for Commerce in Tel-Aviv.

He joined the Scouts and aged 14 was recruited to the Hagannah; he moved to the National Defence, later Etzel, where he was the Commander of the Southern Front, Deputy Commander of Haifa region, and Operations head in Jerusalem. He participated in the operations  breaking non-retribution to the Arabs, instructed courses and was Deputy Commander in the attack on Beir-Adash, the first on an Arab village. During the split he joined Yair, and was made national head of organisation and operations. He was then arrested, but escaped the very next day. In 1941, after the Anglo-Palestine  Bank robbery, he was arrested and sentenced to fifteen years. He sat in Jaffa, then in Jerusalem Prison. After a brawl between Jews and Arabs, he was transferred to Akko, suspected of initiating the brawl.

In Jerusalem Prison he had studied via correspondence with the British Institute and earned a  degree. On May 4,1947 he escaped Akko prison with Etzel inmates, then resumed activity and became leader of Lehi’s Jerusalem Fighting Brigade which became the dominant force in Jerusalem. He planned and commanded their attacks; they liberated Sheikh-Bader and Lifta, where Lehi bases Eldad and Yoav were established, conquered Romema and opened the road to Tel-Aviv. They participated in the attempted break-through to the Old City of Jerusalem,  and fought at Deir-Yassin. When UN mediator Bernadotte, planned to place Jerusalem under Jordanian King Abdallah’s  rule, he was executed by Lehi members, after having been forewarned. Most Lehi members throughout the country were arrested. Yehoshua arrived in Tel-Aviv, and like many of his friends, went into hiding. After a while a general amnesty was issued. In 1948 Yehoshua married Bela Schechter, a Vienna Beitar member who’d immigrated illegally. They had two daughters, Ariela and Efrat, and four grandchildren. After the war he established a vehicle garage and petrol station.

Yehoshua, among the bravest, most dedicated fighters for the country’s liberation, passed away on May 24,2009  and was buried at  Hayarkon cemetery.